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Drop by 183 Dunbar St. on January 31st from 6:30 – 8:30 for an art workshop with Elizabeth Bagwell Studios.  An accomplished local artist, Elizabeth will guide you through the process of making totally fabulous silhouette art from upcycled materials. No experience required!

Total price: $45 (all supplies and materials included)

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Lunch Lines No. 1 and No. 2

Part of “Tiny Pieces, Tiny Prices” Show at The Art Lounge in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Reception May 18th 6-9pm


History & Videos

Silhouettes have a long and varied history that spans centuries but in its simplest form a silhouette is “the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, its edges matching the outline of the subject. The interior of a silhouette is featureless, and the whole is typically presented on a light background, usually white, or none at all.”

Silhouettes have had various names throughout the centuries such as “shades” or “profiles” with the modern-day usage of the word silhouette not taking hold until the 1800’s.  A French Finance Minister, Étienne de Silhouette,  in the late 1750’s had the well-known distinction of economizing and doing things “on the cheap” in the eyes of wealthy French citizens.  Etienne de Silhouette enjoyed hand cutting profiles as a hobby and therefore “shades” cut from black paper became commonly known as a “silhouette”.

A hand cut silhouette portrait was then as it still is now the most economical way to record a person’s likeness in comparison to other art forms that can carry a heavier price tag — a price often out of the reach of the average consumer.  Silhouettes afforded the average person the opportunity to have a custom portrait done of their loved ones.

Throughout the years silhouettes have taken on many forms and their clean lines and simple appeal have been applied to many art forms such as film/ television, photography, book illustrations, theatre, and graphic design.

Still unsure of what it means to have a silhouette cut?  Check out these videos and you’ll quickly learn what it means to have your portrait snipped in a matter of minutes!

Gears Behind the Ears – The Art of the Silhouette by Disney Insider  A wonderful video from Disney that showcases the magic, simplicity, and beauty of the art of silhouette cutting.

Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Silhouette Artist by Disney Parks  Another video from Disney featuring the role of the Silhouette Artist in their parks.

Silhouettes (1936) by British Pathe  A clip featuring silhouette artist, Robert Easton, in London cutting a likeness of a young lady in a studio setting.  Also, features Easton drawing a quick sketch of British politician, Leslie Hore Belisha . 

Silhouette Pictures (1931) by British Pathe   A short clip featuring Robert Easton explaining the process of silhouette cutting to a young girl.  Easton takes her through the steps of the silhouette cutting process one cut at a time and ends with showing the young girl her silhouette portrait.

Silhouette Portraits (1946) by British Pathe   A brief clip featuring silhouette artist, Sebastian Ross, a former G.I. from the USA who spent the majority of his adult life in Australia cutting silhouettes in a public setting. 

The Silhouette Cutter (1920-1929)   A silent film from the early 1920’s featuring “The Silhouette Cutter” as he cuts the portrait of a young woman in his studio.




At 29. Self-Portrait.

At 29. Self-Portrait.

Silhouettes are a classic & timeless way to capture a moment that will last a lifetime. 

An art form that elevates the human profile to a level of unmistakable elegance & style with its simple, clean lines silhouettes are meant to be passed down for generations to come. They allow the eye of the beholder to instantly recognize their loved one due to the well-planned placement of a few lines.

Elizabeth cuts silhouettes in the traditional manner using only a sharp pair of scissors, black paper and a knack for snipping a squiggle here and a sharp cut there to produce a unique, one-of-a-kind silhouette that is undeniably you and only you.  No drawing, tracing or computers are used in the creation of each silhouette.  Artists who cut in the traditional manner of only a quick look, pair of scissors, and black paper without the aid of technology are few and far between in today’s digital age.

A well cut silhouette will last for decades and never go out of style.  Learn How To Order your silhouette!


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Elizabeth is an artist in Spartanburg, South Carolina, specializing in hand cut silhouettes (people and pets), abstract and still-life paintings, and whimsical watercolor illustrations.

A graduate of Presbyterian College with a degree in history and minor in art administration, Elizabeth has been creating from a young age.  Influenced by her passions for 20th century social history, design, calligraphy, texture, and pattern, her work is infused with a sense of the classic while the colors she employs suggest a bright modernity.  She sees art as a way to help create a more beautiful, entertaining and interesting world.


EDUCATION: B.A. History, Minor in Arts Administration, Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina, Class of 2007

MEDIUMS USED: Silhouettes, Watercolor, Acrylic, Ink, Upcycled Materials, Calligraphy


Artist Guild of Spartanburg Member Show, 2/2016

The Urban Planter, Holiday Open House Artist, 12/2015

Art in the Library: Spartanburg County Public Library Systems 3rd Annual Juried Show 8/2015

Partners for Active Living Bike Month Art Exhibit at The Coffee Bar; Downtown Spartanburg, SC 5/2015

Emerging Artists of the Guild: Artist Guild of Spartanburg Exhibit 2/2015

Catland: An Exhibition, The Showroom at Hub-Bub 10/2014

Juried Artist in Artist Guild of Spartanburg Annual Juried Show 8/2014

Artist Guild of Spartanburg Community Show 2/2014

Juried Artist in Artist Guild of Spartanburg Annual Juried Show 9/2013

Honorable Mention – Spartanburg Community College Evans Building Art Competition 8/2013

The Spartanburg Velo Expo at The Showroom 06/2013

Artist Guild of Spartanburg Community Show 2/2013

Featured Artist in Hub Bub’s Arts with Heart Event 2/2012

25th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Celebration at The Showroom 1/2012

Hub Bub Community BYOA Art Show 10/2011

Hub Bub’s 5th Annual BYOA Show 12/2009



Abstraction Class Workshop with Brucie Holler, 2/2016

Artists U/ SC Arts Commission Business Workshop, SC Governor’s School for the Arts, 1/2016

Spartanburg County Public Libraries Workshop: German-Style Paper-Cutting 10/2015

The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg Individual Quarterly Artist Grant 10/2015

The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg Individual Quarterly Artist Grant 6/2015

Figure Drawing Class with Kathleen Digney at the Spartanburg Art Museum Art School 4/2015

Silhouette Instruction with artist, Kathryn Flocken, 5/2014 *Funded in part by an Individual Quarterly Artist Grant from The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg*

Portrait Workshop at the Greenville Museum of Art with Suzy Hart, 3/2013

Guest Artist at Cannons Elementary School, Silhouette Workshop funded by the Target Foundation through the Artist Guild of Spartanburg 11/2012

Spartanburg County Public Libraries iCraft Series Workshop: Silhouette Art with Upcycled Materials 6/2012

Calligraphy Workshop at the Greenville Museum of Art with Bruch Bunch, Fall 2011

Arts Administration Minor from Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC, Class of 2007

Permanent Collection Intern, Spartanburg Art Museum, Summer 2006

Spartanburg School District 6 Art Visions Program, 7-9th grades

Studied with local artist, Nancy Corbin, for 5 years, 1991-1995